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So I finish up one of my most favorite things to do on the weekends, which is to walk the path around the whole entire Lake Baldwin.  I came upon a Subway to have dinner, conveniently located a block away from the lake.  As I was enjoying my dinner, I spotted a father and his son a few tables down, in complete silence looking down.  At first impression, I thought, maybe it’s been not a great night and the mood for conversation was absent.  The boy had to be at least  10 years old, and I’ll venture to say the father must been in his early to mid forties.  As I observed, I notice they both had i-pads and were consumed with whatever they were doing.  In a way I felt bad for the young boy, and a little resentful towards the father.  This could be a moment where this father can enjoy a conversation with his son, or maybe this is an opportunity for the son to better understand his father.  What is so important in small electronics that your time is consistently absorbed with this new infatuation of small media devices that our society has incorporated into our daily lives?  One thing I have learned is you only have your parents once, and that even the dull moments can have a big impact on your life years later.  It seems most people nowadays have to be doing something on regular basis whether, it is checking out the latest news or playing the mindless video game to kill time, it just seems that people have lost the art of just “being”.


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