Less Means More


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So I finish up one of my most favorite things to do on the weekends, which is to walk the path around the whole entire Lake Baldwin.  I came upon a Subway to have dinner, conveniently located a block away from the lake.  As I was enjoying my dinner, I spotted a father and his son a few tables down, in complete silence looking down.  At first impression, I thought, maybe it’s been not a great night and the mood for conversation was absent.  The boy had to be at least  10 years old, and I’ll venture to say the father must been in his early to mid forties.  As I observed, I notice they both had i-pads and were consumed with whatever they were doing.  In a way I felt bad for the young boy, and a little resentful towards the father.  This could be a moment where this father can enjoy a conversation with his son, or maybe this is an opportunity for the son to better understand his father.  What is so important in small electronics that your time is consistently absorbed with this new infatuation of small media devices that our society has incorporated into our daily lives?  One thing I have learned is you only have your parents once, and that even the dull moments can have a big impact on your life years later.  It seems most people nowadays have to be doing something on regular basis whether, it is checking out the latest news or playing the mindless video game to kill time, it just seems that people have lost the art of just “being”.

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Life Evaluation

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The mirror is the first step in my process to better myself, but knowingly, it wasn’t enough.  In my experience I’ve seen too many people get to the stage of looking into the mirror and do nothing about the problems that have gotten them to this point.  In most instances, I’ve seen many come to the mirror multiple times without making any changes.  The one thing that I know is true, for an individual to want to improve their situation, must actually make the conscious decision to change.   The lack of commitment to change could be result of an overwhelming situation, whether it is your weight, financial debt, or your personal relationships, it makes those first steps the hardest to take when improving any of these areas. Continue Reading »

The Mirror

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This process metaphorically has obvious meaning, but is the first initial step in the quest to true self-improvement.  In my last post I introduced my intentions, and gave you a little background on the current events of my quest.  Now I will explain the problems I encountered and what it took to go forward in my endeavor.  Everyone at some point reaches some sort of boiling point in their life.  It can be from a consistent amount unmet obligations to doing in over-indulgence of a negative situation.  For me it was taken on too many projects and not meeting my regular obligations.  To give you an idea of what I do on a regular basis, I work and attend school full-time.  These are my daily obligations, in between these obligations, I did freelance work, worked out, and even pursued other educational concentrations.  As you can see, I tend to take on more than I can chew.  I actually can route back when these habits started forming in my personality. Continue Reading »

About a month ago I began a journey in my own self-discovery.  Before this movement in my life, I lived a very sporadic, and mildly destructive life style.  First off, I am not by any measurement, an expert in human psychology, or human physiology.  My words and descriptions are mere reflections of my personal development to master my own human condition.  What is the human condition? As quoted from Dictionary.com, “the positive and negative aspects of existence as a human being, esp. the inevitable events such as birth, childhood, adolescence, love, sex, reproduction, aging, and death”.  This is a fairly broad definition, and I only concentrate on exploiting the highest potential of our abilities to improve the present condition.  In the past, my exploration has lead me to read many books and essays on self-development.  The final result really lead me no-where, and only wasted time in doing what needed to be done.  This is a very important concept to grasp, “doing what needs to be done”. Continue Reading »