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  1. Make your bed everyday.


This seems to be one of the most childish things anyone can ask of an adult, but making your bed is the first step of gaining control of your life. The act of making your bed is a way to bring about order through a daily routine. Daily exercise takes a degree of more mental and physical discipline, and should not be the first thing you do to build control in your life. This first step helps set the foundation as your daily routine. It will be the first building block to help build good habits into your life, whether it is making your bed, stop smoking, or loose weight, these goals shouldn’t be obligations, they should be habits.


  1. Clean out your closet.

Everyday in your life you accumulate many material things. Everything from comic books to old trinkets that have found a home in the back of your closet. There are other things like older records, and bills that need to be brought out in the open to finally reconcile the past. The reason we throw things in the closet is because we do not want to face them. These things may be pictures of lost loved ones, or old relationships that you have tucked away from memory, but still have a place in your home. What you don’t realize, is even though these things are tucked away in your closet, they still exist in your world. The truth is those things will always be there until you face them.


  1. Give away or throw out things that are not relevant to now.


There are things you will need in life like a good set of tools to take care of routine house maintenance, but having 100’s of tools that are not relevant to your current life (or job) is unnecessary. Ask yourself, “When was the last time I really needed that tool?”, or “When was the last time you wore those pair of shoes?” These are the type of questions you need to ask when addressing the importance of things. When you have more things, you have more to worry about. Unfortunately, as a society we concentrate on the accumulation of things that are unnecessary, and we should concentrate on the accumulation of your time. When we accumulate more things, these things occupy our time. For example, you buy a fancy sports car, which cost more money. The sports car requires more money for higher insurance, which add to your bills. The accumulation of bills requires you to take a better job, or work more hours, which is time you loose for yourself. You should concentrate on the accumulation of time, not things.


  1. Take a walk once a day.


This is the first step to establishing a physical routine. You don’t need a gym membership, or purchase a brand new wardrobe, just walk outside. Walking is part of everyday routine, it is an activity we do thinking about it. Due to our sedentary life style, it is an activity we don’t usually do on a regular basis. This should be a good long walk, maybe start with just walking the neighborhood, then build it up to walking maybe a quarter mile. As you slowly incorporate this type of activity in your life, it will be easier to adopt more physical activities, which will lead to more regular exercise.


  1. Give yourself an hour of quiet time


It seems we can get through whole day without allocating any time to just be still. You should give yourself an hour each day to sit and focus your thoughts. This can be an hour of reading or just an hour of quiet contemplation. The goal is to allow yourself to use your mind to absorb the moment. During this time you can use your mind to think about a problem you been having, using this quiet time to rationally think through that problem. At the end of the day you want to give your mind and your body a moment of stillness, time dedicated to growing.


  1. Disconnect or limit your social media/internet use


The truth is my work and my words wouldn’t be heard if it weren’t for the internet and social media. The problem is we currently live in a world where we bombard our minds with so much information that it occupies so much of our time to digest most of it. Many of us get our information from Facebook, Twitter or even buzzfeed. We have to look at information the same way we look at material things and ask the same questions, “Will I ever need this, and will I use it again?” This sounds silly but we devote much of our time reading so much information, time that can be used for other things. A good question to ask yourself, “How many social networks do I need to get my information?” Personally, I don’t use Twitter, never have and probably never will. So why would I ever need it? Cutting down the amount of networks and filtering the news you want will cut down the amount of time you spend on the internet. One thing I recommend is to use this site https://ifttt.com. This site enables you to automate social networks and web information to be delivered to you.


  1. Don’t bring home your work.


Your job pays you eight hours a day, not 9, 10 or 12. Once you have left your job for the day, leave it there. Work will always be there for you tomorrow. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in work it seems all we talk about is our work. Nowadays, it seems you can send an email out to your employees anytime during the day, which truthfully, it can be taken care of the next day. You cannot let your job own your life, or you will not be able distinguish your work life from your personal life. In the end if your employer doesn’t pay you for the time to answer that email, then there is no obligation on your part answer it. Also if you can, don’t have your work email go to your phone, it will only make you want to check your work email in your personal time.


  1. List out all your bills


This one is probably the hardest thing to do for me at least. Many people will live and pay for things without even checking their bank account. It isn’t till you get that rejection of your card that you finally find out that you are out of cash. Listing your bills is the same as to admitting you have a problem, and to recognize that problem is the only way you will be able to solve it. You need to ask yourself the same question as before mention, “Do I need this?” Money spending is a very hard habit to break, especially you are use to small creature comforts like, Starbucks, or brand new clothes. Understanding your bills and knowing how much you can spend will help you make better choices in spending and enable you to pay off those big balances.


  1. Clean as you go.


This is probably the easiest way to prevent having to devote so much time to cleaning the house or apartment. We aren’t always aware of how much a mess we make on a regular basis. If you take the time to clean up right after you eat something or complete a project in garage the less you’ll have to do in the long run. These little messes build up and grow into bigger messes, and this can be prevented with cleaning up after were done. In the end you save yourself time without having to devote so much of it to cleaning every weekend.


  1. Make your commitments small


You may have or had a friend that has tried writing that book to get published. They’ll usually start out with all sorts of immense energy, with so many high expectations, to only find out that they bit off more than they could chew. There isn’t anything wrong with committing to such a huge project, but try breaking down the project into smaller task. So if you are writing a book, try breaking that book down into small stories, maybe make that book a volume of short stories. However you do it, remember the small steps make, will help you make bigger strides. It allows you the gratification of completing the small single task, which drive you towards completing the bigger task at hand.

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There has to be something said for that feeling of complete awe.  What does it mean to really experience something beyond yourself? What is that source of inspiration that chokes the words from our very throats, from such thoughts that are so profound?  Regardless of what your beliefs, upbringing or personal history, what invigorates this feeling of awe?   It is a feeling that deters any question, because you have no answer, or the answer is so profound that it can be unbelievable.

I have seen so much in my life.  I have seen good.  I have seen bad.  One thing I know to be true, is that we all have the same needs, the same fears, the same need for profoundness.  The only thing I ask of myself, is to recognize these same truths are the same for everyone.


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